My apologies, an update and a break

Hey everyone!

I’m going to start off by apologizing profusely to the handful of people who read this blog. I started the blog¬†with grand plans of documenting my MBA journey. Sadly, I have been unsuccessful at maintaining a consistent blogging schedule. I’m not getting into the why’s right now. I’ll just say that there are too many changes happening in my life and career and I am fighting to keep up with them.

So that comes to the update part of the post. Yes, I am applying to business schools in Round 2. I have decided to apply to 6 schools. (2 Stretch, 3 Reach and 1 safe). I have a GMAT 700, full time work ex of 3 years (4 at matriculation), some brag-worthy extra curricular achievements and at least 1 solid recommendation (Still wondering who the other recommender should be). Right now, I’m working on my essays. I have the drafts ready for each school. And I plan to complete the applications by end of December.

Finally. I’m writing this to say I’m officially taking a break from blogging. Life is just too crazy right now for me to have the sanity to pen down my thoughts. I’m not abandoning this just yet. I will get back to blogging by end of Jan, when life returns to some normalcy. And I will talk about everything that has been happening since May 2016! ūüôā

Until then, goodbye and all the best to fellow applicants. I will still be available on emails so if you wanna chat, please shoot me an email to or leave a comment on any of the posts.


On gaps, failures and more…

I’m a little worried about my profile now. Up until a few months ago, I was super confident about my chances at a Top 20 school (provided I score a 720+ on the GMAT). But things have been kind of rocky.

I quit my job over 6 months ago. During¬†this time, I tried to work on a startup idea (that kind of didn’t take off as I expected – so¬†I put a pause on it), moved to a new city for an exciting job at a startup of sorts (which¬†– once again – is moving way slower than I expected) and did a few haphazard freelance consulting assignments on and off. What’s worse, the work is going to be slow for another 2 or 3 months. Even if I apply in round 2, I’m still not sure I’ll have a lot to brag about. I do have solid work ex of about 4 years prior to this.

I’m not so worried about my failures. But getting that MBA is my goal. And getting it NOW is a necessity. I can’t (rather –¬†don’t want to) postpone my application any longer. But I’m extremely worried now. I don’t know¬†how I’m going to explain this gap to the Adcom. From what I’ve read, the Top schools really don’t care so much for startup experiences despite what they otherwise lead people to believe. As in, unless I’ve been able to do something, or be a part of something extraordinary, the Top schools (likes of HBS, GSB etc.) wouldn’t give much importance to what I’ve been doing these 6 months.

At this point, I’m torn between the desire to do this startup work¬†and the rational choice of taking up a secure job and not waste any more time and cause an even bigger gap on the CV. I’m planning to talk to a couple of consultants..¬†But if any of you have any opinion, I’d love to hear what you think!


Learning to love the GMAT

I took the GMAT another time (3rd, to be specific). I scored a 700.

I’m not too sure how I feel about the score. On one hand, I’m happy to have¬†finally hit the 700 mark, but on the other, I am frustrated. My target was to score a 720+. I would have been able to apply to my top choices with a 720+ score. I’m not too confident about my profile with a less than average GMAT score. So I will be retaking the test in a month. ¬†But I can’t complain.¬†I’ve been scoring in the 680-710 range in all my mocks. And I only prepared for a month. So I am glad the mocks are indicative of my actual capability.¬†I now ¬†know the strategies work, because I saw my scores jump from a 610 to a 710 in a month. I’m confident I’ll be able to pull off a 730-750 if I really work¬†smart and learn to love the test. So that is what I’m going to do.

I’ll still be able to apply to many good schools with this score in Round 1. I’d¬†probably like to¬†apply to a couple good (but “safer“) choices in Round 1. The deadlines for these schools are sometime in October, so I have ample time to study for the test + write my essays.

Good luck to all R1 applicants !

GMAT continues to haunt me

For someone who woke up at 5 am everyday for 2 years (to grow her personal brand as a writer) whilst working for a Big 4 consulting firm, I seem to have lost the discipline to get things done. Maybe because I fared badly in my previous 2 attempts at GMAT, I do not have the motivation or the confidence to study and see this through. But I really do want to score well on the test. And I know if I really put my heart and soul into prep, I can manage a 720+.

I am giving myself 1 month’s time. I will be doing 2 iterations of the OG and Quant & Verbal reviews. I will be reading the explanations this time. And I hope at the end of round 2 of the preparation, I will have broken into the 720+ zone.

I want to finish GMAT by the end of August at least. I want to apply to around 2-4 schools in Round 1.

New Job.

I’m still here.

I quit my job, took a much needed break, did some Pro bono consulting and worked for a bit¬†on a creative idea. Sadly, I didn’t make much progress.¬†I’m still very passionate about this idea. But without funding and the right team, I really didn’t see this going anywhere.

Thankfully, I¬†got a job at a growth¬†stage company. I will¬†be¬†working on growth strategy, financial reporting, marketing initiatives and a lot more for various divisions of the company. Its a little bit of every aspect of running the business.¬†It makes my post-MBA goals look a lot more legit now, considering I’d have the experience to back them up. I’m excited, to say the least.

Now, I’ve gotta nail the GMAT (720+) and I think I should be in good shape for the Fall! GMAT is the only aspect of my applications that really doesn’t stand out. It is frustrating, to say the least. But I’m determined to see this through. ¬†

An Update

I’ve been laying low for a long time. The last time I wrote on this blog, I¬†had just gotten promoted and was trying to figure out whether I needed an MBA¬†or not.¬†I didn’t exactly plan to take a break from blogging, MBA plans etc. But unfortunately,¬†some issues came up. I had to take a break for a year.

However, I look at this break as a blessing in disguise.¬†In the past 9 months, I’ve done a lot of thinking and self-reflecting. I now have a clearer (and more legit) vision of my career¬†goals. And an MBA definitely is a part of the plan. I will be¬†retaking the GMAT and applying in the fall of 2016. I hope to document the journey as best as I can.